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tony0 Music digital album 4th December 2017


official tony0 website, options are to page the LISTEN sound playlist or start from track 1. 'IRSEO'



music production.. Improvisotory music for bass-guitar and alto-saxophone in live performance ... now on channel tony0




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..Voice search. news article

Voice Search Optimisation for Creative Works

@EAU0 posted about distinctive naming optimisation testing for Voice Search

Use voice search on your browser or device?

Can you find your brand or work by voice search?

Tests resulted in registration of tonyzero [.com] associated with tony0

Required #tonyzero specific content

So #iberian #Dali #landscape #guitar #music experiences

Experience alternatives proposed on
Instantiate the music directly off the page autoplay=true in glorious HTML5 audio
Launch the image exist time scape no music

..Antonymy. news article

Music artists build music videos with a few lines of code

@EAU0 posted about applying D3js and html5 to build music artist video using open source code

The post links directly to the D3 [data-driven-document] plus HTML5 audio code gist on Github

Run the code to generate the music video 'Antonymy' by music artist tony0 on your device

Music artists may build music videos with a few lines of code running native

Source Code and Gist for this music video experience: on Github
Instantiate the experience directly on: D3js runtime environment
Launch the homepage for this music.





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